"Arbutus at 4th" by Joanne Unruh Joanne's best picture

                                   "ARBUTUS AT 4TH"

                                  Oil on Canvas  20"x16"




                                           From realism to expressionism all of my oil paintings

                                                   are on quality wrapped canvas

                                               and express my experiences and feelings.

                                                Commissions are always welcome.

                                                     If you would like a painting 

                                                          in any size or shape

                                               I can to do a custom  piece for you.

                        You may have a photograph of an interesting experience of your own

                                                that you want saved in an oil painting.

                                                             Chat with me about it

                                                        Paintings can be framed or not

                                                   according to your own style. Email me









Artistic Statement

                                              Deciding what to paint and how to do it is the greatest challenge!


                                                     "Bowl Full of Peaches" by Joanne Unruh                       


About The Artist

"Wispy Clouds Over The Okanagan" by Joanne Unruh"The Starting Point" by Joanne Unruh


"Florence Vista" by Joanne Unruh"Pretty Blue Car" by Joanne Unruh

My leisure time activities have run the gamut from dancing and skating skiing, drama, fashion and sewing, to clay sculpture with MIllicent Harrison, and finally including drawing and oil painting. 

During sports activities, travel abroad and visits with family and friends I gather images that I need to paint.

My career as a Home Economist and Teacher was full of art. I am passionate about expressing my life experiences in art and I continued to develop new techniques at  workshops. 

In painting I try to set a good example for my children in hope that they will catch the bug. If you have ever thought that you might like to venture into an art class, go for it. You may find that you have a gift and would never have known of it.  The world needs more artists.

I am currently an active member of The North Shore Artist’s Guild, The West Vancouver Community Arts Council and The Federation of Canadian Artists.



I was born in Vancouver, Joanne Holm, and attended Kerisdale Elementary. My family moved to Winnipeg where I continued to enjoy many sports and school music events for many years at River Heights Jr. High and Kelvin High School. While I had some art classes I was fully absorbed by other activities. 

I am really lucky to have found painting at all.

My interest in Science and he Arts led me to degrees in Home Economics and Teaching from the University of Manitoba. My career which started with a year as Miss Manitoba during my graduating year, was followed by the Eaton's Management Training Program, and then the teaching of Food and Nutrition and Child and Human Development.

A move back to Vancouver in 1993, for my husband's career, gave me the time I had wanted for art. Thank you for being there, Millicent Harrison, James Picard, Leanne Christie, Dean Croft, Paul Chizik, Maria Josenhans, Fred Oster and many others who were willing to provide weekend workshps.

My love of skiing takes me to the frozen beauty of the mountains while Summer days are filled with hiking through the hillside vineyards and orchards of Naramata in the Okanagan and swimming from the boat in the middle of lake.

I am married to David Unruh and live in West Vancouver. I have my younger sister Barbara Holm, also a dedicated artist, and a brother, Trevor Holm, who does everything humany possible. I am blessded with 2 children and 2 fabulous grandsons.